Sunday, June 20, 2010

....a different journey....

My dear friends..I have now settled in (well...mostly settled, grin) into my new home and the little coastal village on the island which I've loved for many years.  What a joy to be able to work there now and not have to wait to retire in this resort fishing community.  Radar...seen here...has NOT settled as well I am afraid.  It could be his nerves or perhaps even the arthritic pain of walking.  But he is so glad to be near his 'mommy'...he would not give that up for the world.

The son helped me settle in and is now back on the mainland getting ready to move into his new basement suite near University.  The husband is looking for a smaller condo near work as this career move of mine came too sudden for him to be able to join me quite yet and the 'old' house is too much for him alone.

The town is so very small...and life is so very microscopic would think that I would have so much more time to write.  Well, in fact, I do.  But I am finding that my writing is more geared towards journalling the wonderful world I live here....and I've begun a private journal blog for that purpose.  I haven't quite decided yet whether or not I will close Schemmelhos down....but for now...tis not likely you will find me here often.

If you would like to follow along on this new journey of mine...please email me for an invitation to join me on that path.  Take care....I'm off for a walk to the ocean


  1. Hi Trish, so good to know that you are nearly all settled in. I used to have the url for the other site and would love to have it again. What charming window boxes! Hope that Radar settles in better. Do you suppose the added dampness is giving him troubles?

  2. I can see it's hard to keep up with many blogs..Schemmelhos will always remain special even if you close it down:)

  3. email me pics, so curious to know where it is!

  4. Just checking up on you! Glad you are enjoying your new environment...but of course you would be. All the you and Radar over there...and the son at the university...and the hubby near his work.


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