Monday, August 16, 2010

windswept and kissed by the ocean mists

Well it has been over 8 weeks since I moved to my new home on the edge of the island in the Pacific.  I am windswept and kissed by the ocean mists.  Love it here and there is no end in sight to photo opportunities, beaches to explore, walks on black cliffs overlooks crashing ocean waves....and on and on.  So it is not often I take the time to bake anymore nor do I seem to find the time to even is full of ...well...just living.


  1. A life full of living sounds perfect to me.

  2. Love you Trish! Think of you often! Just tried 'Schemmelhos' for fun tonight.... JUST incase, by an odd 'coincidence' you were on it again... and lo and behold... you were! I also read your June posting. Is that your house with the windowboxes!!! Love the quaint look and the old stained glass window! Love you more!

  3. Wish I could be there. Miss your updates but encouraged that you are immersing yourself in change. You are such a poet! Windswept and kissed- beautiful!

  4. I can just about feel the enormity of emotion in your words. You are blessed beyond measure and a very deserving lady indeed!



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